LIFE’S A BEACH|#VeryHoliday

There is something about the blue skies, and warm air that excites me. Spring/Summer is undoubtedly my favourite time of the year, it’s a season full of possibilities, and adventures. Holiday’s are the best time to de stress and recharge your batteries and a sunny escape is always a good idea. The picture below was taken in Miami on South beach, which is one of my favourite holiday spots, look at those blues!


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Creamfields Festival


In July my good friend Pink invited me to an event, she just so happened to have a few extra tickets to Creamfields festival and ever so kindly sent me one upon my acceptance. In the UK the summer is mostly about music festivals, everyone and their grandma attends one of the hundreds held in the country. It is kind of a right of passage and 22 year old me had never been to one! So when Pink invited me i quickly accepted, as an added bonus the tickets she provided were Gold- epic friend. Read More