May | Blooming

Where have i been?

I have been learning, i have been growing and i have been healing. Read More

Isaiah 61:3 Playlist

Can we get real for a second? Please allow me to address a topic that needs to be addressed in this series of self care, this is the topic of low mood. Many of us feel low sometimes and for others it seems like a low mood is all you know. Feeling low is normal, it is hardly talked about because no one wants to be that ‘depressing person’ however, it is normal.

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“If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. “

I took a break from blogging, again. So much keeps happening and i keep thinking, thinking and over thinking. I just can’t write these thoughts down in a manner that will come across well so let me just leave it at this; i have thoughts but i need a break from those thoughts for a little bit.

I am on a mental vacation for the next month, see you soon.






Who am i?

At various stages in my life i have repeatedly asked this question. I searched for a definition, clung to numerous labels and sought validation all in a bid to find myself. Read More