Everyday Skincare

Looking around my room for blog inspo i found myself thinking ‘i have a lot of Nivea products’ and i actually need to share how great they are. So for my first genuine brand focus post i thought i would share my everyday loves and my go to skin care brands. I swear by these products and this post is definitely from the heart.

“Oh wow! your skin is so soft” whispers anyone that brushes against it accidentally. for as long as i can remember i have heard that my skin is really soft, and a part of me appreciates this statement and the other feels like a fraud because i have the driest of skins and have to lather lotion on everyday.

Like plenty of POC, my skin care routine is a daily ritual that i was taught early on. Brown skin tends to sell you out when you haven’t moisturised and even if you have it goes dryer than the Sahara and goes white so you gotta reapply your moisturiser to get rid of that infamous ‘ashy’ skin.


Now with dry skin and ashy tendencies, i have always had to find a product for my complex skin and i will testify that when it comes to combating the winter ash, Nivea is the brand. Yes cocoa butter is great, but it’s smell can be nauseating, Vaseline makes me shine like a disco ball and other lotions work but they are not all type weather proof. therefore after a long and tiresome search i have one trusty brand that is consistent across the board and that is Nivea.

nivea creme

Nivea Creme 

For the winter i have been using the Nivea creme, it is thick and difficult to lather however it is long lasting and is the ‘ash be gone’ for cold weather dry skin. I really like the packaging and the jar has lasted me since December, it is my daily moisturiser although i sometimes alternate with my body shop frosted berries to keep it fresh ya know.

Pearly Shine     Original Care   Strawberry Shine

Cracked lips are the absolute worst, i cannot express how much i dislike the feel of cracked lips even the look *eurgh shivers*, so i make it a priority to keep my lips nice and soft. Now i love my vaseline lip therapy tins however lately i have been enjoying the Nivea lip range, my go to is the original care, it smells really nice. It really moisturises and leaves my lips feeling revitalised, it makes the soft and the product is not sticky. Pearly shine is a nice addition on top of my nude lipsticks when they sry out, it is slightly pink and for a cute day the strawberry flavoured lip care is my holy grail, it is the right amount of shine, it is cute in packaging and it does smell delicious.

nivea anti perspirant

Nive anti perspirant

For my ‘pit care’ i love the dove range however the smell can be nauseating and sometimes i question if it has been applied because i don’t feel a thing lol. I also cannot stand stains so i am very particular about what i spray and i really swear by the Nivea antiperspirant spray, it is long lasting and honestly i feel like it is working when i spray it, call me silly but i actually really like this

Recently i have made it a point to get back into wearing makeup as part of self care, because it makes me feel good and look good. The beauty faux pas that i am guilty of when it comes to make up is that i sleep with my make up on because i just cba to do a night routine (oops). I got fed up of waking up to a pillow that was stained with MAC foundation and sleek blush and decided to at least wipe it off, i used to really like the simple wipes and i still do but the game changed when i stumbled upon the Nivea face wipes. Out of all the products i have mentioned thus far these wipes have no doubt been my favourite, honestly! The are really good, they do the job in one swipe and i don’t have to rub my face continuously, they smell good and most importantly they are moisturising!!! Like oh my gosh, they leave my skin feeling hella amazing! They are a holy grail for lazy girls (lool).

nivea wipesNivea Cleansing Wipes

So there you have it, my go to skincare range at the moment. Nivea is really amazing and caters to all skin types so if you are not ash prone and just need a good quality inexpensive moisturiser then go check out the range. You will find something you like.

Can we also just take a moment to appreciate the magazine in the flatlay? Jourdan Dunn looks amazing and is glowing her skin is flawless! I have been struggling to find WOC on  magazine covers, it is frustrating not having representation and when i saw this April cover i cried tears of real joy. She is such a boss babe.



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